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Release Date: January 27 

Label: Massive Sound Recordings

Dimi Rich - vocals, guitars, bass
Mad Doctor - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Vasiliy Iržak - drums

AV - bass (3)


Produced by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and Myroslav Danko.
Music and lyrics by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy and Myroslav Danko, except:
"Вартові" - lyrics translation by Vitalii Popfalushi

"Void" taken from the "Timeless" album.
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered at Beast Sound Studio.
Cover art by Ursula Tabaka.

Guardians is a first track from a series of singles that are planned for the whole of 2021 before the new album release! Later it was released it as 3-track EP!

We are proud to present to you our latest and probably the weirdest song we have ever written! We did our best to build a composition about the complication of a life path, and filled it with subjective visual description, tactile and audio figures. All this to make you not just listen, but also to feel the song! There is a little bit of reference (actually it's huge) to one of the most iconic poets in the history of Ukraine - Taras Shevchenko.

Guardians available on English and Ukrainian languages!


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