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We are pleased to present you a new single 「CITYLIGHTS」taken from the long-awaited fifth album "PINNACLE"! This is one of the first tracks created for the new album. This song is about the charm of the night city and the inspiration that comes during night walks! It is an escape from the interdictions of daily routine; an exaltation of endless discovery and joy in being alive - before the sun rises again, the nocturnal city awaits you.

The new album PINNACLE was in the works for almost two years, the band decided to work in the studio during the whole COVID period, focusing on strong melodies, heavy guitar riffs, versatile vocals and solid instrumental sections. "PINNACLE" features well-known guest musicians: Kartsy Hatakka from Waltari, David Readman from Pink Cream 69/Adagio and Volodymyr Schobak, a trumpeter from a Ukrainian legendary folk-rock band 308 (Trystavysim)! Album will be released on10/06/2022 via Massive Sound Recordings.



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