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5-th single #FOOL featuring Kärtsy Hatakka from Waltari out NOW!

We're presenting the fifth single called #Fool from the upcoming album, that's going to be released later this year!

This track features Kärtsy-TV on vocals from legendary Finnish band #WALTARI! We’re really proud of this collaboration! Kärtsy's approach and creativity is always inspiring, and Waltari has a huge influence on us, so it was an honor to work with him on this track! Also, Vova Shchobak from Trystavisim and Vataga played trumpet sections, which made the main riff sound fat! Our former bandmate Vasyl Dovganych, who played bass during the IRON GODS era did some guitar work this time!

Vitalii Popfalushi commenting the song:

"Christians, racists, capitalists, beggars... everyone defends something. But what will happen when the most valuable things are taken away from you? This song describes only one way of "dealing" with the greedy. It doesn't matter what they take from you, if they ask to become your foes - let them know who you are. Defend your own and never turn into a fool who will sell his best idea for the benefit of others"

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy adds:

"During the years MOR explored different types of music genres. But the new album will be our most versatile record! We reached the point where we left any limits or stylistic frames behind, focusing only on music and the message we want to share. It covers different lyric themes. Despite that, the new record sounds very gathered and catchy. And this song is proof of it!"



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