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New Release Announcement:『BATTLEFIELD』

Majesty Of Revival announces a new compilation album『BATTLEFIELD』, to be released on September 30! This album features different versions of released tracks from the whole career, along with the bonus tracks and one song, that officially was never released on any MOR album - The Newborn Sun! So, can we perceive this release as a "Best Of" album? Or maybe a "Rare Tracks" compilation? Or even as a new album release? You'll find out on 30.09!

Tracklist: 01. Guardians [Video Edit] 02. Inner Dimension [Remix] 03. Mindcrime [Alternate Version] 04. Smash the Kings [feat. Toni Luficer] 05. Void [Radio Edit] 06. Close Your Eyes [Retake] 07. Phantom Rider [Acoustic Version] 08. Mad Song [Alternative Mix] 09. The Newborn Sun 10. Epilogus Part I & II [Original Version]

Cover art by Bohdana Rusnak!



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