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The single "Примари" is OUT NOW!

We're happy to present you the Ukrainian version of the song "Rebellion"!

Every day people lose themselves. Every day there is such a person who loses his own mind. It is about "one more glass" or "one more cigarette". And it usually happens only when someone forbids it: a doctor, parents, or maybe a partner.

Each of us has the right to decide our own destiny, and how badly you want something, depends on how desperately you will achieve the goal. Sincere emotions and excitement can be obtained in abundance only from the work of one's life.

Because of this, we should not lose ourselves.

This is grief for the whole world, grief for humanity's plans.

How do we end up on Mars, how do we develop?

How can we become someone better?

With each desperate person, these plans fade, smolder and die out.

The song "Примари" says that the will of the majority should be aimed at the development of all, not a single individual. So, don't be another wraith - let's help each other move and make our dreams come true. This song will be a part of an EP that will be released next month. Stay tuned for updates! Listen:



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