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Things Are Not What They Seem: Post Album Single

We're happy to present the last post-album single for「PINNACLE」album!

Speaking about song lyrics, Myroslav said: This track is kind of multi-contextual and can describe a lot of social problems. But there is one particular topic of “Things are not what they seem” – domestic violence, despite its non-obviousness. And it’s not about some gruesome pictures of women beaten by their men, what is on hype and, in my opinion, is harmful to the victims of domestic violence because of oversimplification of this problem and gender stigmatization. You need to consider such factors as upbringing, education, social status, faith, parents of both sides of the conflict, sometimes even psych diseases, etc. So the core of the song is, as I mentioned previously, domestic violence. But not in a popular way like “woman loved-woman was beaten-that sucks”. We tried our best to bring up the origin of the problem in a few words. “Blind devotion” and “sweet misguidance” lead to demolition that is unwanted to be seen, so it leads you to the “Dome of fright and dreams” because nothing is as simple as it seems.

This single includes a bonus track - a new version of Mad Song from「IRON GODS」album, totally remixed by modern standards! This song is perfectly fitting to the atmosphere of the new album, so we decided to give this song a fresh new sound! Hope you enjoy it!

This sing with a bonus track will be available on streaming platforms shortly.

Artwork by Anzhelika Zyzych



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