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Release Date: May 15, 2012 (Ukraine); July 02, 2012 (World)

(Actually, release date was fucked up by the label,

so album released somewhere in august 2012)

Label: Metal Scrap Records

Konstantin Naumenko - vocals
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy - guitars
Marat Adiev - keyboards
Trajan Mustâce - bass
Vasiliy Iržak - drums

Alexander Demidov (Vintergata, FuneralMoon, Nortia) - vocals on Magnalia Dei

Grotesk (Grotesque Orchestra) - orchestration on Magnalia Dei


Produced by Majesty Of Revival

Cover Art by Yana Vengerova
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Embarkation Studio

Album completely remixed & remastered in 2021, listen below:

Through Reality - our debut album, recorded during 2011 

& released in 2012 via Metal Scrap/Total Metal Records!
Most of the material for this album was composed during 2009-2011, the first-ever MOR song was
The Code (originally Divine Image), so we had a bunch of time for arranging everything.

Since 2009 we have had a lot of lineup changes & that caused a delay for the debut release. New members were making some changes to the songs, so most of them ended up with a completely different sound. In fact, the first few demos & EP's were too experimental, we used to play some kind of avant-garde/crossover music. But since recording labels had no clue how to promote jazzyblackfunkcircus metal & told us to choose one direction, we decided to use all of the melodic/symphonic metal stuff for the first record.

As being said, before Through Reality we released a couple of demos, EP's & a promo album, which got some attention from record labels. Right before recordings, we changed the singer & keyboardist: we entered the studio somewhere in September 2011. A few months later the production of the debut opus was finished. This album was made with a little knowledge of how to mix everything properly - so the sound was not stellar. Despite the production issues & fucked up release schedule, first album was released in 2012 via Metal Scrap Records & received really good reviews (especially in Japan), which was a surprise for us!
The label press release says: "Debut full-length album of Progressive Metal band from Ukraine. 9 magic tracks from the depths of Carpathian forests covered in the 8-pages booklet."

We played a couple of local shows, continued composing new material for the next album

Iron Gods, and came back to the studio in late 2012!

Newborn Sun - one & only outtake from that recording session, originally composed for another project with Nelly Hanael, but due to different musical tastes project was never finished, so we put this track to the MOR catalog with Olexa Dynnyk on vocals.

Later Newborn Sun got released on Wicked Reality and Metal Scrap 20x Anniversary compilations. In 2020 Through Reality gets the sound it deserves - we completely remixed this album, so you can listen it in HQ !

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