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Release Date: May 31, 2019 (World)

November 27, 2019 (Japan)

(Again, this time Japanese release date was fucked up by the label,

so in Japan album released somewhere in January 2020)

Label: WormHoleDeath Records



Produced by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy & Myroslav Danko
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Beast Sound Studio

DP - guitars/vocals/additional keyboards
Mad Doctor - keyboards/guitars/some bass/backing vocals
AV - bass/additional vocals
Marvin - drums/some bass

Composed & arranged by D. Pavlovskiy & M. Danko, except:
- vocal arrangements on “Doppelgänger” by Anton Verkhovy;
- drum/bass/synth/vocal arrangements on “Bury me” by Vasil Iržak;
- some vocal arrangements on “Consciousness Beyond...’ by Vasil Iržak

All lead vocals by D. Pavlovskiy, except:
- vocals on “Doppelgänger” by Anton Verkhovy
- whining voice at the end of “Bury Me” by Vasil Iržak
Additional piano on ‘Sinners & Saints” by Vladimir Yakubovsky

All Lyrics by D. Pavlovskiy & M. Danko, except:
- lyrics on ”S7” by Boris Byznytsky;
- lyrics on ‘Sinners & Saints” by Ann Chavarga;
- lyrics on “Doppelgänger” by Anton Verkhovy;
- lyrics on “Bury Me” by Vasil Iržak
Lyrics editing by Anton Verkhovy

First of all, Timeless is a consequence of the hard times of our lives mixed with our sick imagination. It wasn't supposed to be an album, but a revelation. We recorded stuff just to release all the chaos that had been devouring us from the inside. But as a result, we have made a protagonist, who represents some emotions & thoughts of the whole band. So we decided to make a conception based on the things that took place only in our heads, & which would never leave the boundaries of consciousness. An immediate corollary of that is the name of our album - Timeless. Because you can never tell the exact time measurement of your imagination, dreams & thoughts - unlike music. Every song has its timing & you can't do anything about it. But we did our best to represent other aspects of what's going on

in people's minds. We hope that every listener will find something familiar in our music.

So you have the chance to figure this stuff out by yourself in your unique way!

Now speaking about the recordings: we started working on this album after supporting gigs for DUALISM, in January 2017. The recording session began with 2 covers - Cross My Heart by Carcass & Feast Your Eyes by Mastodon. Later on we decided to release an EP called Wicked with some bonus material in anticipation of the next album. But unfortunately, Johaness Krauseur left the band in the middle of the recordings due to health issues; also, our drummer moved to the Czech Republic for a few months, so we decided to took a pause.

Everything started to move since Myroslav Danko attending the studio for tracking bass for another project. He showed interest in MOR: later Myroslav joined the band as a keyboard player, but then switched to the guitar. The album was finished in august 2018.

So, we have a couple of cool unreleased tunes from Timeless sessions, which planned to be a part of that unreleased EP. One day we'll put them on Bandcamp!

Right before the "Timeless" album announcement, we released a joint single "Smash the Kings" with Toni Lucifer! The combined work of two bands, whose albums sound completely different, gave a lot of ideas that quickly accumulated. That is why we decided to combine our thoughts. So arose a track, the atmosphere of which reflects the special features inherent in each of the bands. However, the song didn't find a place in any of these albums. So we out this track as a single in anticipation of upcoming albums by MOR & Toni Lucifer!

Also, this track comes as a special bonus track for Timeless in a Bandcamp digital download!

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