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Release Date: JUNE 10, 2022 (World)

Label: Massive Sound Recordings



Produced by Majesty Of Revival

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy - guitars. vocals
Vitalii Popfalushi - bass, vocals
Myroslav Danko - guitars, vocals
Maestone - keyboards, backing vocals
Marvin - drums
Kärtsy Hatakka - vocals on "Fool"
Vasil Dovganych - guitars on "Fool"
Volodymyr Shchobak - trumpet sections on "Fool"
David Readman - Vocals on "Mindcrime"
Veronika Shestakova - violin on "Deliverance"
Anzhelika Zyzych - female voice on "Things Are Not What They Seem"
Choirs by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy, Myroslav Danko, Vitalii Popfalushi, Maestone, Anzhelika Zyzych, Rostik Groshick, Andy Brok & Yriy

Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered at Beast Sound Studio by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy, between August 2019 - February 2022, except:
- Kärtsy vocals on "Fool" recorded at Jallukka, Helsinki, March 2021
- Guitars (verses) on "Fool" recorded somewhere in Khust, 2020
- David Readman's vocals on "Mindcrime" were recorded somewhere in the Netherlands, September 2021

Lyrics by:
1, 4, 5, 6, 8. 10, 15 by Vitalii Popfalushi
1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 11, 12 by Myroslav Danko
1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy
1, 9, 10 by Anzhelika Zyzych

Album cover art by Ursula Tabaka

Promo Partners:

Metal Devastation PR & Zachary Moonshine

Against PR & Catia Cunha


1. Open
2. You Have a Message: Welcome to GULAG
3. Rebellion
4. Mindcrime
5. Fool
6. Deliverance
7. At all Cost
8. Bury Me Part II: Dig Me Up
9. Citylights
10. Stone
11. Things Are Not What They Seem
12. Guardians
13. Overcome?

14. S7II
15. Mad Song (Alternative Mix)*
16. Dig Me Up (Instrumental Version)*
17. Вартові*
18. At All Cost (Instrumental Version)*
19. Stone (Instrumental Version)*
20. Deliverance (Acoustic Version)*
21. Mindcrime (Alternate Version)*
22. Guardians (Video Edit)*

* there are different versions of the album released with bonus tracks

It's been three years since the release of our fourth album #TIMELESS and following the cancellation of 「Smash The Kings」tour due to the Corona disaster. We decided to work in the studio on the new material during the whole C0VID period, focusing on strong melodies, heavy guitar riffs, versatile vocals and solid instrumental sections. Also, the bloody russian invasion of Ukraine delayed the release of the new album, which was planned to release in early 2022...

The fifth album「PINNACLE」is about the experience, of our thoughts, about casual situations that happen around us or with ourselves: problems that surround us daily like domestic violence, blind idolizing, struggles in front of big challenges, leadership, money issues and so on. On the musical side, it’s hard to define clear changes, because Majesty Of Revival always was about the experiment! It consists of 13 cross-genre and progressive compositions, filled with subjective visual descriptions, and tactile audio figures.

All this to make you not just listen, but also feel every song!


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