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Fourth album "Timeless" out NOW!

The Brand new album “TIMELESS” by Ukrainian Progressive Metallers MAJESTY OF REVIVAL is out NOW! So make sure you pick up a copy, stream it, share it or whatever; but most importantly let us know what you think! The album Timeless is a consequence of the hard times of our lives mixed with our sick imagination! It wasn’t supposed to be an album, but a revelation. We recorded stuff just to release all the chaos that had been devouring us from the inside. But in a result, we have made a protagonist, who represents some emotions and thoughts of the whole band. So we decided to make a conception based on the things that took place only in our heads, and which would never leave the boundaries of consciousness. We hope that every listener will find something familiar in our music. So you have the chance to figure this stuff out by yourself in your unique way.

Purchasing links: Bandcamp:

More links for physical copies will be added soon!



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