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Hello friends! Finally! We're happy to announce that our fifth album 'Pinnacle' is finished and we have started preparations for the release! Almost 2 years were spent on creating this big opus. It all started with the song "Guardians" that was planned to be released as a single, nothing more. But with amazing reviews received for #Guardians, the decision was made to create a new album! We faced so many challenges during the recording session, including C0V1D & war with Russia, which is happening right now. All these events had a strong impact on the mood and sound of the album and delayed its production.

ALSO, in celebration of the completion of this album, we present you a LYRIC VIDEO for the song #DELIVERANCE! This time we collaborated with YOD Multimedia - they're creating lyric videos for solid labels like Napalm Records, Regain Records, Mighty Music, Pure Steel Records, etc! The new lyric video looks wonderful, so don't hesitate to watch it on YouTube!



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